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"Defying Gravity, One Athlete At A Time"

Healthy Bodies Make Healthy Minds

Of all the benefits of placing your child in gymnastics, many of them have nothing to do with cartwheels and back bends.  We know that athletes get better grades in school, get in less trouble, and are closer to their families.  At G-Force, our mission is to instill excellence, both in sport and in character.  

Our Preschool Gym is a separate gym dedicated to our youngest gymnasts with 'preschool-sized' equipment. 

Classes are 50 minutes long and offer a low student to coach ratio.  

Girls can wear a leotard or shorts and a T-shirt. Boys wear shorts or sweat pants and a T-shirt.  

Developmental Classes

Our GEM Star Classes have been developed for non-competetive girl and boy gymnasts age 6 and up. All of these classes are progressive and build a foundation for the next level of gymnastics.  All of our classes follow the USA Gymnastics guidelines for development and training.  All classes are taught by our dedicated and enthusiastic coaches who will work with each child hands on and challenge them to set and strive for individual goals.  Our coaches set high standards for discipline and skill development and will challenge students to reach their full potential.  


 All GEM Star classes are 75 minutes long and gymnasts can sign up for one, two or three classes per week.

Boys' Classes

G-Force is proud to be the West-Side's home for Boys' Gymnastics!  Our boy's gymnastics classes are focused on teaching the fundamental elements of all sports to our athletes.  Emphasis on discipline as well as motor coordination and strength are the corner stone of our curriculum.  All of our classes follow the USA Gymnastics guidelines for developing and training skills.  Boys in our GEM Star program will develop skills on all 6 pieces of boy's competitive equipment:  Floor, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Vault and Still Rings.  All of our boys' classes are taught by highly motivated instructors that are specially trained in boy's gymnastics.  Our coaches will work hands on and challenge our boys to set and strive to reach their goals.  

We have several classes for beginner boys as well as advanced classes and a State Championship winning Boys' Competitive Team.


Tumbling Classes

G-Force has an awesome tumbling program!  Whether you are a beginning tumbler or an experienced tumbler looking to improve your skills, G-Force has a class for you.  Focused on the middle school/high school aged athlete, G-Force is an expert in helping cheerleaders gain the skills necessary to make the squad or improve the tumbling skills for an entire squad!  


Our coaches will give you skills and drills as well as condition your body to be able to get skills from a roundoff backhandspring, to a layout or a full!


Tumble Trak, rod floor and spring floor are utilized to teach tumbling in a safe and effective manner.


Athletes should wear a tight fitting T-Shirt that will tuck into shorts. Shorts must have no buttons, snaps or zippers.  All students will do gymnastics barefoot.

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