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GEM Star Classes

Gymnastics is a multi-faceted, challenging sport that develops physical strength, flexibility, speed, agility and composure. The benefits of gymnastics however, go far beyond the sport itself.  Gymnastics also teaches children about individual responsibility and courage. Gymnastics offers children opportunities to learn about setting goals, working diligently to achieve those goals, and recognizing one's own success as well as the success of others.  At G-Force, we believe that helping children grow in a positive manner  is about more than the sport itself.  Throughout the course of our gymnastics classes, we reinforce essential life skills such as discipline, determination, perseverance, and respect.  These skills will resonate with students long after they retire from the sport of gymnastics. 


Our GEM Star Classes have been developed for non-competitive boy and girl gymnasts age 6 and up. All of these classes are progressive and build a foundation for the next level of gymnastics.  All of our classes follow the USA Gymnastics guidelines for development and training.  All classes are taught by our dedicated and enthusiastic coaches who will work with each child hands on and challenge them to set and strive for individual goals.  Our coaches set high standards for discipline and skill development and will challenge students to reach their full potential.  


 All GEM Star classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and gymnasts can sign up for one, two or three classes per week.

Girls' Classes 


You guessed it - this class is designed with the beginner in mind.  If your athlete has never done gymnastics before then this is the place to start.  In our beginner program, girls will learn the basics, from proper gymnastics vocabulary to necessary body positions.  All classes will focus on the four Olympic events of Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Parallel Bars and Floor Exercise with emphasis on strength, flexibility and fun!  This class is based on the USA Gymnastics Level 1 Program.


After mastering the skills set forth in the beginner curriculum, athletes will be moved to an intermediate class.  This class will focus on mastering the beginning skills while at the same time introducing more challenging skills on each event.  This class is based on the USA Gymnastics Level 2 Program.  Instructor approval needed for intermediate placement.


Athletes moved to the advanced classes have mastered all of the USAG Level 1 and 2 Skills and are working on USA Gymnastics Level 3 Skills.  In this class, they will master the Level 3 skills while at the same time be perfecting form on the basic skills they learned in the first two levels.  Gymnasts who have achieved the Level 3 skills and have a desire for competitive gymnastics will then be evaluated for placement the Level 3 competitive pre-team.  Instructor approval needed for advanced placement.  

Boys' Classes

G-Force is proud to be the West-Side's home for Boys' Gymnastics!  Our boy's gymnastics classes are focused on teaching the fundamental elements of all sports to our athletes.  Emphasis on discipline as well as motor coordination and strength are the corner stone of our curriculum.  All of our classes follow the USA Gymnastics guidelines for developing and training skills.  Boys in our GEM Star program will develop skills on all 6 pieces of boy's competitive equipment:  Floor, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Vault and Still Rings.  All of our boys' classes are taught by highly motivated instructors that are specially trained in boy's gymnastics.  Our coaches will work hands on and challenge our boys to set and strive to reach their goals.


We have several classes for beginner boys as well as advanced classes and a State Championship winning Boys' Competitive Team.


Boys should wear a tight fitting T-Shirt that will tuck into shorts.  Shorts must have no buttons, snaps or zippers.  All students will do gymnastics barefoot.

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