Welcome to the GEM Star XL Program

We are super excited to announce that we will be starting a brand new program for all of our athletes! Starting Friday, November 8, we are launching our brand new GEM Star XL program! The GEM Star XL Program is a way for all of our athletes to be able to showcase their skills and get a taste of competition at an introductory level. GEM Star XL is meant to let all athletes experience the joy and thrill of competition, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This program will allow the athletes to learn routines with the skills they have mastered in GEM Star classes, and compete them against other gymnasts of similar skill levels! This program is a great way to let the gymnasts get to participate in competition much earlier than waiting until they get to our Level 3 Program. The XL program also has a low time and financial requirement. The girls will still be advancing through the regular GEM Star progressions in their classes, and will be moved up through the levels when they achieve their skills. The GEM Star XL Program will follow USA Gymnastics’ Xcel Program guidelines and rules.  


This program will be open to all current and new GEM Star athletes! There are only 4 simple steps to get started on the road to competition!


1. Ask the front desk to enroll you in the GEM Star XL class! All GEM Star athletes will continue their regular classes, but be added to a second, GEM XL class on Friday night from 5:30-7:00p. During this extra class, they will learn routines on each of the four events, Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor using the skills that they have learned in their GEM Star class. During this time, they will also be able to work on extra skills that they may want or need to put into their routines. The cost of the extra class is $70 per block. It will be coached by our XL coaches, Courtney and Krysta. Both of them have experience creating and choreographing routines and Coach Courtney used to participate and compete in USA Gymnastics’ Xcel Program herself, so she is very familiar with the program.


2. Register your athlete with USA Gymnastics! We will be sending a link to all athletes enrolled in the program with instructions on registering with USAG. There is a $29 fee to become a USAG member and that membership is required for the athletes to attend any meet (competition). 


3. Get a team leotard! You will be required to purchase a competitive team leotard (see picture below) to be worn at competitions. The cost of the leotard is $85. Following payment, fill out the Leotard Order Sheet below. Please note that leotards will not be ordered until payment has been received. The girls will not be required to purchase or wear matching warm-ups to the meets. 


4. Start competing! The athletes that enter the GEM Star XL Program, will have the opportunity to participate in 4 meets from January through March. They can sign up for whichever meets they would like to do. The cost for each meet will be $75.00. All sign-ups will be done through the links below. Once you have signed your athlete up on the website, your athlete will automatically be registered for the competition and a payment for $75 will be charged to the credit card on file. We will be scheduling additional meets for April through June at the end of February.