Welcome to the Level 2 (Pre-Team) Program

Welcome to the Level 2 Competitive Team! Although we strongly recommend this program, this is an option, but not a requirement for the athletes.  Level 2 is an introductory level of competition that is meant to introduce athletes to the United States Gymnastics Association Junior Olympic Program.  The routines are very short and simple and all of the girls should be able to compete them with a couple of months of preparation.  Level 2’s at G-Force compete a very short season in order to help prepare them with what to expect in the next level of competitive gymnastics.  The coaches at this level will be able to help the girls remember their routines as well as spot them on any skills that they are not comfortable doing alone in competition.  This helps the girls to be able to understand how to conduct themselves and compete at other facilities.  They do receive scores on each event by a panel of judges, but are not ranked according to score at the end of the meet.  They will be given achievement awards after competing each event. This is meant to be a fun and positive learning experience for both the athletes and the parents.  The next Level of competition (Level 3) starts to become more competitive and we have found that when they have prior exposure to competition, they tend to be more successful long term.  We hope your athlete joins us for the upcoming competitive season!

This program will be open to all current GEM Star athletes who meet the requirements of the Level 2 Program! There are only 4 simple steps to get started on the road to competition!


1. Register your athlete with USA Gymnastics! We will be sending a link to all athletes enrolled in the program with instructions on registering with USAG. There is a fee to become a USAG member and that membership is required for the athletes to attend any meet (competition). 


2. Get a team leotard! You will be required to purchase a competitive team leotard (see picture below) to be worn at competitions. The cost of the leotard is $85. Following payment, fill out the Leotard Order Sheet below. Please note that leotards will not be ordered until payment has been received. The girls will not be required to purchase or wear matching warm-ups to the meets. 


3. Start competing! The athletes that enter the Level 2 Program, will have the opportunity to participate in 4 meets from January through March. They can sign up for whichever meets they would like to do. The cost for each meet will be $90.00. All sign-ups will be done through the links below. Once you have signed your athlete up on the website, your athlete will automatically be registered for the competition and a payment will be charged to the credit card on file. 

1. Register with USAG!

2.  Get your leo!

3. Start Competing! Sign up for the meets you want your athlete to participate in! Please see the Meet Schedules page for Session Times. Check Session times often prior to the day of the meet to check for changes.

Gravitational Invitational - G-Force Gymnastics - Feb 26-28 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Instructions for how to access and use the USAG site to register your athlete

Use this link to register your athlete with USA Gymnastics after you have received an email from the organization

Please use the following form to place your order for your Level 2 and Xcel Leotard. Orders are due by 11.20.2020

Winter Invite - Eagle Ridge - Feb 20-21 - REGISTRATION CLOSED