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Our G-Force Garden is a vibrant gym that is dedicated for our youngest gymnasts, babies through age 5. This separation from the main gym offers a safer and less hectic environment for our little ones and also allows us to provide ‘preschool-sized’ equipment for the smaller hands and feet. Classes are once a week and 50 minutes long and offer a low student to coach ratio. Girls wear a leotard or shorts and a T-shirt. Boys wear shorts or sweat pants and a T-shirt. For safety reasons (for both child and coach), we do not allow jewelry, hooded sweatshirts, jeans or street pants, belts, zippers, and baggy clothing. Long hair should be pulled back, however, avoid hard barrettes or hair decorations. This program is unique in that unlike other Preschool programs in Albuquerque, our focus is on teaching progressive and developmental gymnastics that provides a solid foundation as they grow. Our motivational and fun teaching methods incorporate music, repetition, rewards, and recognition and our preschool instructors are experienced in their ability to teach the very young athlete and exhibit patience as these athletes master new concepts. Along with gymnastics, essential preschool skills such as counting, color recognition, body awareness and fine and gross motor movement will also be reinforced. These foundational classes help your child grow physically, emotionally, and socially. It is well documented that gymnastics classes at a very young age help children develop a strong sense of confidence and self awareness as well as develop "reading readiness". With our specially designed classes, you will see your little one: *Improve gross motor skills by developing and strengthening muscles *Strengthen manipulative skills with specially designed equipment and apparatus *Develop speech and communication skills using songs and rhymes *Learn to listen follow directions and take turns *Develop a readiness for classroom learning and reading readiness *Learn to cooperate, share, and help one another *Become aware of his/her body position *Learn to fall correctly and to jump and land safely from modest heights *Learn safety procedures during group play *Develop a sense of independence, learning to evaluate his/her own performance with self-testing activities *Improve coordination, agility, and balance *Build confidence while successfully performing new skills and tasks *Be prepared for any and all future sports

Bouncing Butterflies (Walking to 36 months)

$65.00 per block (1 class a week for 4 weeks ) (These classes are with adult participation) G-Force baby and toddler classes have Mom and Dad in mind. You can stretch with your baby and you'll soon discover that a workout with your baby can be a workout for you as well. You'll model for your child the importance of a healthy lifestyle and instill the good habit of regular exercise. Our classes are a fantastic way to bond with your child, building trust and having FUN! Properly done, baby and toddler gymnastics provides a foundation for your child's natural physical development. It encourages strong, supple joints and muscles which the child will rely on for the rest of his/her life. Watch your child advance in strength, flexibility, balance, posture, orientation, locomotion and coordination through the good habit of exercising and playing. Baby and toddler gymnastics guides your child's body towards healthy development.

Busy Bees (3 Year Old Classes)

$60.00 per block (1 class a week for 4 weeks ) MUST BE POTTY TRAINED These classes focus on learning the life skills of listening, following directions and taking turns while learning basic gymnastics positions and movements! These young athletes get their first introductions to 'big kid' equipment. They hang on the bars, tiptoe on the beam, dance and tumble on the floor, and learn safe jumping techniques on our trampoline. Must be potty trained.

Flipping Frogs (3-5 year Old BOYS ONLY Class)

$65.00/block (1 class a week for 4 weeks) Our introductory boy's gymnastics class emphasizes self-esteem, strength, coordination, flexibility, and much more. Students will learn skills on each event using the floor circuit, rings, bars, pommel horse, parallel bars, mushroom and vault with equipment just their size. 3 year olds must be potty trained to be in this class.

Leaping Lizards (4 Year Old Classes)

$65.00/block (1 class a week for 4 weeks) These budding gymnasts are full of fun as they are ready to take on new challenges! They continue skills on the vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline, expanding on the skills learned as Busy Bees and furthering their development in the sport of gymnastics.

​Tumbling Turtles (5 Year Old Classes)

$65.00/block (1 class a week for 4 weeks) These kiddos are learning more difficult skills - taking their Leaping Lizard skills on the vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline to a new level and preparing them to transition into the big gym.

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