Desert Diamonds Booster Association, Inc

What it is:

  • An organization made up of Parent Volunteers who donate their time and expertise to make G-Force and its athletes the best they can be.

  • DDBAI is a 501c3 Organization that is set up to support G-Force gymnasts and their families by providing an opportunity to pay for team fees through fundraising and/or tax free donations.

  • DDBAI also support gymnasts by providing training opportunities for the gymnasts and coaches as well as aiding in the purchase of training equipment.


What it is not:

  • DDBAI is a separate entity from G-Force Gymnastics and does not have a role in the day-to-day operations of the gym.  This includes, but is not limited to, coaches, meet schedules, practice times, and communication for G-Force related events.


Executive Board Positions

  • President

  • Meet Coordinator

  • Hospitality

  • Treasurer

  • Communications


What we need from all parents:

  • Participation – the best way to know what is going on around the gym, is to participate and attend DDBAI meetings!


The Yearbook is the main source of fundraising for the gymnasts. Gymnasts sell corporate advertising space in the yearbook and on a banner that will be hung in the gym year-round.The cost is $100 for a full page ad, and $50 for a half page ad. The gymnast will receive 100% of the advertisement proceeds to be used toward their team fees. Again, any donation made is tax deductible and a receipt can be obtained through the treasurer. All corporate ads are to be emailed in a PDF file to no later than


In addition to the corporate ads, each gymnast will receive one full page for personal ads. These need to be done in a PDF file and emailed to no later than


Each gymnast will receive a copy of the yearbook at the end of season banquet.


General Fundraisers:

General fundraisers are held to promote team building and to support the needs of the gym.These include the Papa John’s Pizza nights, which is at least the first Friday of every month, and Smith’s Community Rewards program. Please contact the booster club if you have any ideas and or suggestions.


Individual Fundraisers:

Individual fundraisers are held to help gymnasts pay team fees and travel expenses.These are usually held on a monthly basis, so make sure to check pay attention to DDBAI minutes to have the latest information. Please contact the booster club if you have ideas or suggestions about different fundraising ideas.

This letter is done in Microsoft Word. Please customize the letter to reflect the correct year and add in your own athlete information.

2021-2022 Booster Meeting Dates

2021-2022 Dates TBA

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