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Desert Diamonds Booster Association, Inc

The DDBAI Sponsor Letter link should be updated with the attached file because the current link is not the most current version of the letter.


Can you please replace the entire verbiage underneath the top section – Desert Diamonds Booster Association, Inc. to the following as the verbiage that is currently there is incomplete and not updated! 


Desert Diamonds Booster Association, Inc.

What it is:

  • An organization made up of Parent Volunteers who donate their time and expertise to make G-Force and its athletes the best they can be.

  • DDBAI is a 501(c)(3) organization that is set up to support G-Force gymnasts and their families by providing an opportunity to pay for team fees through fundraising and/or tax free donations.

  • DDBAI also support gymnasts by providing training opportunities for the gymnasts and coaches as well as aiding in the purchase of training equipment.


What it is not:

  • DDBAI is a separate entity from G-Force Gymnastics and does not have a role in the day-to-day operations of the gym.  This includes, but is not limited to, coaches, meet schedules, practice times, and communication for G-Force related events.


Executive (Voting) Board Positions

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Meet Coordinator

  • Hospitality

  • Fundraising

  • Communications

  • Optional Team Liaison

  • Compulsory Team Liaison


What we need from all parents:

Participation – the best way to know what is going on around the gym, is to participate and attend DDBAI meetings and Volunteer for open positions for the Board!


There is a Facebook group for DDBAI Family Members – we encourage you all to join the group, if you have not already done so. There is a lot of great information as far as posts from prior years and questions that have been posed so it may be helpful to scroll on down to the older posts. Please be sure to answer the 2 questions (athlete and level) so that we can keep the group secure.

How we can help with some of the team fee costs – we have fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Keep in mind there are two kinds of fundraisers that are sent out though out the year: 1) Athlete specific – these fundraisers benefit your athlete directly! Examples of these include Adbook/Yearbook sponsors, Butter Braids, etc. and 2) General Fundraisers – these benefit the Booster Club and no one athlete specifically, so that we can have an awesome end of year celebration, assist the gym with equipment needs (other gyms include these fees in their tuition and/or team fees), these can include Restaurant Spirit nights, Savers/Goodwill donation drives etc.

The DDBAI Board meets once a month and we have a general meeting immediately following for any questions you may have. 

If you are completely new to the gym and would like more information regarding DDBAI or Team Fees feel free to send an email with your question to If you have some great Fundraising ideas reach out to, we’d love to hear them!

This letter is done in Microsoft Word. Please customize the letter to reflect the correct year and add in your own athlete information.

2022-2023 Booster Meeting Dates

The Booster Club meets on the second Tuesday of every month 

General Meeting - 7:00-7:45pm in the breakroom at the gym

Contact Information

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