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Healthy Bodies Make Healthy Minds

Of all the benefits of placing your child in gymnastics, many of them have nothing to do with cartwheels and back bends.  We know that athletes get better grades in school, get in less trouble, and are closer to their families.  At G-Force, our mission is to instill excellence, both in sport and in character.  At G-Force, it is our mission to instill excellence in both sport and character!  That is why it is important to us to focus on the whole athlete and not just specific skills.  There are so many benefits to sports, and gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive sports you can choose to develop your child.  There is no other sport that encompasses the strength, discipline and coordination that you will get from gymnastics. Here are just a few of the many benefits.   ​Self Confidence - Listen to them say, "I can do it myself" Gymnastics is learned in steps necessary to achieve a larger goal.  Each small step can be easily accomplished and is celebrated, so athletes feel a sense of pride with every step along the way.  The act of achieving new tasks builds confidence that transfers both in and out of the gym.  Because gymnastics is a sport that can adjust to the level of each gymnast, it is easy to immediately feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Social Skills - Watch them make new friends! Gymnastics teaches and reinforces social skills that are essential in every young persons life.  The acts of listening and following directions, taking turns, respecting the abilities and success of others, and how to interact with other children their own age as well as adults are skills that are reinforced every week in the gym and will follow them throughout their lives.​ Discipline - Watch them learn how to take turns! One of life's most important skills.  There are rules in a gym as to ensure safety to everyone that are expected to be adhered to by the students.  As gymnasts develop, they are given tasks that they are expected to completed.  Each gymnast is ultimately responsible for his or her own results.  The effort the athlete puts in to the sport will determine their success.  This is not a sport that places the success on the coach, it is up to the individual to practice and achieve their own goals.  Teamwork - Listen to them cheer on a teammate. Although gymnastics is an individual sport, many times in the gym you rely on your teammates for strength training and other activities during class.  Your teammates are responsible for helping you to adjust and move the equipment that is necessary for you to work on your individual goals.  You also learn to depend on your teammates and to work through challenges and celebrate successes together.  Strength - Watch the grow! Pound for pound, gymnasts are among the strongest of Olympic athletes.  The skills that are learned in gymnastics will build core muscle strength as well as be an overall fitness benefit to each athlete.  Gymnastics is often the foundation for strength for athletes that excel in other sports. Courage - See them become brave! Some parts of gymnastics are very challenging, but the key to helping them become more courageous is to give them "attainable challenges".  With each success, they will overcome fears and become more confident and more assertive children. Coordination - What them develop! Coordination is a skill that can be learned just like any other skill.  There is no better sport than gymnastics to teach this skill as everything that is done in gymnastics depends on the coordination of all body parts in order to achieve success.  Goal Setting Skills - Listen to what they want to acheive! In the gym the athletes will learn to set and be responsible for reaching each of the goals that they have set for themselves.  Athletes also very quickly see the benefits of working hard to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.  Flexibility - See their splits! Gymnasts are among the most flexible of athletes.  Flexibility is important in any sport, including baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and track.  Good flexibility is important for overall fitness and health. Preserverance - Watch them overcome! There is no sport like gymnastics to teach you the art of perseverance!  Gymnastics is not an easy sport and there are times when it takes weeks and even months to accomplish a skill set.  Success after a long period of perseverance is sweeter than none other! Determination - Hear, "I can do it"! An amazing lesson to be learned at a young age.  It is easy to give up, but in gymnastics we teach children that this is not an option.  Hard work and undying determination determine success.  We give the athletes more than one way to learn to achieve their goals and stick by them until they are able to see success. Academic Excellence - See them learn. Studies show that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes the body as well as the mind (Barrett, 1998).  Early childhood movement is directly attributed to developing neurological pathways in students and promoting reading readiness.  Body Awareness - Watch them play. Body awareness is so important in any sport.  We teach that gymnastics means knowing where your body parts are and what they are doing in any given moment.  The gymnast will learn how their body is moving and how that movement affects other body parts.  Gymnasts will also learn how to play and fall safely to help avoid injuries.  Self-Esteem - Hear them be proud. Gymnastics builds great self esteem.  Not all children can do a cartwheel or a handstand, so being one of the few that can makes kids feel great about themselves.  It is also documented that kids in gymnastics have less fear of "performing" in front of other people.  These kids are among the first to volunteer in class as they have been taught to "perform".

Our preschool gym is  dedicated for our youngest gymnasts, babies through age 5. This separation from the main gym offers a safer and less hectic environment for our little ones and also allows us to provide ‘preschool-sized’ equipment for the smaller hands and feet.


Classes are once a week and 50 minutes long and offer a low student to coach ratio.

Girls wear a leotard or shorts and a T-shirt. Boys wear shorts or sweat pants and a T-shirt. For safety reasons (for both child and coach), we do not allow jewelry, hooded shirts, jeans, belts, zippers, and baggy clothing. Long hair should be pulled back, however, avoid hard barrettes or hair decorations.

This program is unique in that unlike other Preschool programs in Albuquerque, our focus is on teaching progressive and developmental gymnastics that provides a solid foundation as they grow. Our motivational and fun teaching methods incorporate music, repetition, rewards, and recognition and our preschool instructors are experienced in their ability to teach the very young athlete and exhibit patience as these athletes master new concepts. Along with gymnastics, essential preschool skills such as counting, color recognition, body awareness and fine and gross motor movement will also be reinforced. These foundational classes help your child grow physically, emotionally, and socially.


With our specially designed classes, teaching techniques and equipment, you will see your little one develop a strong sense of confidence, independence and self awareness as they learn to self test and self asses their performance and abilities. You will also see them improve both fine gross motor skills, learn to listen and follow directions, take turns and cooperated with others. You will see a development of speech and communication skills as well as a level of classroom and reading readiness. Their improvement of coordination, agility and balance will prepare them for any future sports!

Gymnastics is a multi-faceted, challenging sport that develops physical strength, flexibility, speed, agility and composure. The benefits of gymnastics however, go far beyond the sport itself.  Gymnastics also teaches children about individual responsibility and courage. Gymnastics offers children opportunities to learn about setting goals, working diligently to achieve those goals, and recognizing one's own success as well as the success of others.  At G-Force, we believe that helping children grow in a positive manner  is about more than the sport itself.  Throughout the course of our gymnastics classes, we reinforce essential life skills such as discipline, determination, perseverance, and respect.  These skills will resonate with students long after they retire from the sport of gymnastics. 


Our GEM Star Classes have been developed for non-competitive boy and girl gymnasts age 6 and up. All of these classes are progressive and build a foundation for the next level of gymnastics.  All of our classes follow the USA Gymnastics guidelines for development and training.  All classes are taught by our dedicated and enthusiastic coaches who will work with each child hands on and challenge them to set and strive for individual goals.  Our coaches set high standards for discipline and skill development and will challenge students to reach their full potential.  


 All GEM Star classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and gymnasts can sign up for one, two or three classes per week.

Athletes will be continually evaluated by the GEM Star coaches to determine when they should be moved to the next level.

Additional Classes

G-Force has an awesome tumbling program!  Whether you are a beginning tumbler or an experienced tumbler looking to improve your skills, G-Force has a class for you.  Focused on the middle school/high school aged athlete, G-Force is an expert in helping cheerleaders gain the skills necessary to make the squad or improve the tumbling skills for an entire squad!  Our coaches will give you skills and drills as well as condition your body to be able to get skills from a roundoff backhandspring, to a layout or a full!


Tumbl Trak, rod floor and spring floor and our giant tumbling pit along with multiple mats and spotting aids are utilized to teach tumbling in a safe and effective manner.

Athletes should wear a tight fitting T-Shirt that will tuck into shorts. Shorts must have no buttons, snaps or zippers.  All students will do gymnastics barefoot.

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