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Striving for Excellence

​G-Force is proud to be the home of many Girls' and Boys' State Champions and year after year State Championship Teams.  

Easily regarded as one of the top female competitive programs in the state of New Mexico, our Team Gymnastics Program provides professional gymnastics instruction for students 5 years and older. We have classes for the brand new student all the way up to our most advanced team gymnasts.  Team girls train on all four Olympic events: floor, beam, bars and vault and team boys train on all six Olympic events: floor, parallel bars, rings, pommel horse, high bar and parallel bars. Both girls and boys benefit from our team gym including a brand new, state of the art AAI Stratum floor, a Stratum Tumble Strip and a separate rod floor. Both floor surfaces tumble into our over-sized foam pit and our 35ft long Tumble Track, which is invaluable for learning high level tumbling skills. Our Team Gymnastics Program is taught in structured progressions. We take care in teaching proper form and technique, and we maintain high standards in our program with respect to effort, behavior, attitude, dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We are proud to boast a high level of skill progression at the same time a very low injury rate.   While we focus on quality and progress, we definitely like to have fun!


We know that we can teach kids to work hard and stay focused, but we also want to teach them to love the sport, to enjoy their training, and to develop lasting friendships in the gym.

If you have an athlete looking to join our team program, please contact gym management at 505.898.7334 or  

Mission and Team Philosophy

Our Mission and Philosophy
The G-Force Competitive Team teaches athletes to learn the art of competition through discipline, dedication and perseverance. Competitive gymnastics teaches poise and humility and builds character as an individual and through a team.

On the G-Force Competitive Team we believe:
*There is a place for every athlete to experience competitive gymnastics.
*That every athlete should be challenged to reach their highest personal potential in a safe and positive manner.
*Placing athletes in the appropriate competitive environment will lead to a positive experience.
*Not only the athlete's physical skill, but mental and emotional strength are important to keeping our athlete's safe, happy and confident.

Our Programs

USA Gymnastics XCEL Program

G-Force's Xcel Program is meant to offer an opportunity for all athlete's to experience competitive gymnastics in a low pressure setting with a variety of skill options available to the athletes. Xcel gymnasts will be required to show consistency and success at each level prior to being moved to a new level.

The GEM Star Xcel Program at the Bronze and Silver levels are a way for all of our athletes to be able to showcase their skills and get a taste of competition at an introductory level. GEM Star Xcel is meant to let all athletes experience the joy and thrill of competition, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This program will allow the athletes to learn routines with the skills they have mastered in GEM Star classes, and compete them against other gymnasts of similar skill levels! This program is a great way to let the gymnasts get to participate in competition much earlier than waiting until they get to our Level 3 Program. The Xcel program also has a low time and financial requirement. The girls will still be advancing through the regular GEM Star progressions in their classes, and will be moved up through the levels when they achieve their skills. 

G-Force Gold-Platinum Program is meant for the higher level athletes who wish to continue their gymnastics in a more competitive but sill low pressure setting.


Level 2

Level 2 is an introductory level of competition that is meant to introduce athletes to the United States Gymnastics Association Developmental Program.  The routines are very short and simple and all of the girls should be able to compete them with a couple of months of preparation.  Level 2’s at G-Force can choose if they wish to compete. The competitive season is a very short and is intended to help prepare them with what to expect in the next level of competitive gymnastics.  The coaches at this level will be able to help the girls remember their routines as well as spot them on any skills that they are not comfortable doing alone in competition.  This helps the girls to be able to understand how to conduct themselves and compete at other facilities.  They do receive scores on each event by a panel of judges, but are not ranked according to score at the end of the meet.  They will be given achievement awards after competing each event. This is meant to be a fun and positive learning experience for both the athletes and the parents.  The next Level of competition (Level 3) starts to become more competitive and we have found that when they have prior exposure to competition, they tend to be more successful long term.  

Level 3-10 Developmental Program (DP) - G-Force's DP is meant for athlete's who wish to experience a high level of competitive gymnastics. There are specific skill and strength requirements set forth by USAG as well as G-Force that must be met in order to compete and advance further in levels. All coaches must be in agreement that the athlete is in a stable mental, emotional and physical state to compete at the current level.

Boys Level 3-5 DP Program - G-Force offers Level 3-5 competitive program  which will introduce boys to competitive gymnastics in a fun and safe manner. Boys will attned 3-6 competitions per season and will be able to travel to out of state meets. G-Force follows the USAG Men's Developmental Program rules and policies for all levels.

Season Information

Team Parents:  Get ready for the 2023-2024 Competition Season by following 4 simple steps! 

Open and complete each of the links below.  All steps must be completed in order for your athlete to compete the 2023-2024 season. 

1.  Team Handbook:

      All athletes and parents must read and sign the Team Handbook by May 30th. This will need to be done in order for your athlete to begin summer            practice.

      Team Hand Book

2. Register or Renew your athlete for a USAG number:

       All athletes, make sure to use club number 24364 and club name G-Force Gymnastics Academy.

       Link to Renew or Register your athlete at USAGymnastics

       USAG Registration Instructions

3. Uniforms:

       Level 2 Athletes: Fill out the following form with your athlete's sizes

       Xcel Bronze and Silver Athletes: Fill out the following form with your athlete's sizes

       Boys: Sign up for your uniform fitting 

       Level 3-5 and Xcel Gold and Platinum Athletes: Sign up for your uniform fitting

       Level 6-10 Athletes: Sign up for your uniform fitting

4. Payments:

       Level 2 and Xcel Bronze and Silver Athletes: Make your payment to the front desk by July 29, 2023.

       Level 3-10, boys and Xcel Gold-Platinum Athletes: Make your first payment to DDBAI by August 1st by using the link that was emailed to you by               DDBAI. If you have not received your link by end of July, please contact the treasurer at:

Competition Information and Schedule
Session Info

All meets are the “weekend of” and could be scheduled anytime from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.  Exact competition and session times will not be posted until 1-2 weeks prior to the meet at the discretion of the host meet.  When the exact session times are shared, they will be posted to the website immediately. Meets with published session times are underlined and will link to the times your athlete competes.  THE FRONT DESK OR YOUR COACHES WILL NOT HAVE THIS INFORMATION PRIOR TO IT BEING POSTED ON THE WEBSITE.  Please check the website routinely to determine your athlete’s session.  

Please plan to arrive at all meets 15 minutes prior to Open Stretch time listed on the website. All meets require a cash admission up to $20 per person. Gyms do not take credit cards or checks for entry fees so please be prepared. Please make sure to check the web often for changes.

**Schedule subject to change. Please check back often as this is where all changes will be posted.




Remember that age groups are determined by the age your child will on the last day of their state meet (for example, a Level 3 that turns 9 BEFORE March 19, 2023, will compete all season as a 9 year old) so make sure that you are using that date to know which age group/session your athlete will compete in.  

The age groups for awards may change from meet to meet and is determined by number of athletes entered into the meet and set by the host club.  For example, your athlete may be placed in 9 junior at one meet, and 9 senior at another.  Please do not approach your coaches or a meet administrator regarding this. It is the coaches’ responsibility to check age groups PRIOR to the meet, no changes will be made following the meet and awards.

Age Groups
Meet Questions

Team Parents:   Per USAG protocol, please make all meet inquiries to your athlete’s coach or your club’s team representative. We ask that you not contact the gym or the Meet Coordinator directly. Due to the number of athletes attending the meet, it is not possible for us to answer direct questions on a per-athlete basis. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date meet information.

Meet Results

Meet Results can be posted by the Meet Director of each individual meet. Three places where results can be found are myUSAGym or Meet Scores Online. Links to both are listed below:




Meet Results

Meet Results can be posted by the Meet Director of each individual meet. Two places where results can be found are myUSAGym or Meet Scores Online. Links to both are listed below:



Team Calendar
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